Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Law Common to i


What does "Law common to i" mean you ask? Here at suijuris.me we have coind the phrase "law common to i" as we feel it encompasses much of what we present on this site. Let us dive into the important words in this phrase:

law: We teach law as it applies to nature and to man/woman. We do not teach nor use codes or statues as they are the fiction of the mind of man. Natural law is very simple, primal, and easy for all to follow. This is a result of man/woman being in a natural state, in nature. This makes it easy to apply the same law in our teachings. Our methods, documents and processes are simple yet powerful. You will often find the need to unlearn the complexities of legal ease when you being your journey here.

common: We believe in the law of nature as it applies to all man/woman. This is not the English common law that you may think, but the law as it applies to you and in your community. You may think of this of the law of right and wrong or harm and trespass. The law is common is it is written on the hearts of man/woman. The common law is not found in any book, code, or statute. It is what lies within.

i: We write the lower case i as we stand with our head intact. We know that we loose status when we delve into the world of fiction. Therefore we remain with our status intact, as man/woman, and do not trespass into the world of fictions and ghosts.

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